"To deal with Students in humble, honest and responsible manner, so as to create an environment of mutual faith, respect, friendship, trust and goodwill.”

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The ICST course offers Global Certification, giving you a competitive edge in the international IT job market. Our course is designed to offer you expert level skills and, hence, help you build your Career.

Student Testimonial

Studenticstinstitute1 I was very Pleased with the education delivered. If you want a real education at a good institute, go to ICST  Institute. Rahul Thakur
Student icstinstitute 2 For those aiming to makes successful  career in IT have one advice. Walk into ICST Institute today. Trust the master..you won’t go wrong. Amit Yadav
ICST Computer Institute is Dedicated Good Oriented and Success to cused Vishal Rawat
Teacher and other Students are friendly and help full to students, i am very happy Varsha sharma
Teachers and Other students are friendly and so helpful to other students, so i like it Richa Varshney

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ICST gives great importance to you providing high-quality education. By joining any course with ICST, you get:


A wide variety of career, professional short-term & certification courses designed for the learning & careerneeds of students, working professionals & others

Alliances with industry leaders which helps students obtain globalcertifications.

Workshops, Events & other activities to encourage student-industry interaction,prepare them for their job interviews & make them industry-ready...