Business Module

"To deal with Students in humble, honest and responsible manner, so as to create an environment of mutual faith, respect, friendship, trust and goodwill.”

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Business Module

Rules, Aims & Objectives, Tenets and Pledges of the Indian educational trust


1. Membership will be given in the name of one single person, which will normally be non-transferable. In the event of death of a member of The Indian educational trust, The Indian educational trust shall have the right to take any decision on the application of his natural heir for transferring the membership.


2. No member of The Indian educational trust shall be a trustee of The Indian educational trust.


3. The membership of The Indian educational trust will be absolutely personal which will be conferred on a particular for full

Compliance with the following five vows, five pledges, seven norms of good conduct, and seven tenets of nationalism of

The Indian educational trust- If one becomes a member in the name of an institution, only one person or any one nominee of the

Institution will be entitled to receive the benefits of membership of The Indian educational trust.

(a) FIVE VOWS: (I) God has chosen me for self-redemption and welfare of the word. (2) Life has got a very sublime mission of

Serving the nation and the mankind. (3) I will never assess myself disparagingly. (4) I will have a perennial flow of noble

Sentiments in my life. (5) I will live my life as a cautious and vigilant representative of my Country, God and Nation.

(b) FIVE PLEDGES: (1) 100% voting (2) 100% nationalistic ideology (3) 100% Educated country (4) 100% organizing

of patriots by adopting Indian educational culture (5) making 100% healthy, affluent and cultured Bharat through the Education.


(c) SIX NORMS OF GOOD CONDUCT: (1) abdication free (2) healthy (3) competent (4) dedicated (5) non-political life (6) and education.


(d) SEVEN TENETS OF NATIONALISM: (1) nationalism (2) enterprise (3) transparency (4) foresight (5) humanitarianism (6) Education (7) humility.


4. The donation for the membership of The Indian educational trust is fully non-refundable.

5. If a member conducts himself in violation of the rules and aims of The Indian educational trust, or is found involved in an activity famishing the image of this Organization, he shall automatically cease to be a member.